Hidden Gems: Reviews and recommendations for the lesser known gems that deserve to be seen and loved.


Bimonthly Review: Every two months, I’ll review any new films or TV shows that I’ve seen and an old film I’ve recently revisited.


In Appreciation: From a supporting role to only one line, the In Appreciation feature will highlight the performance of any actor who is not the lead in a film or TV series.


Reviews & Recommendations: Reviews for films and TV shows, old and new.


I am Jack’s: Top 10s, favourite one-liners, best scenes, music moments etc.


Trailer Tuesday: Trailer making is an art form in itself but too many today either give too much away or show too little that it lacks any interest. Every Tuesday, I’ll upload a trailer, old or new, that got it just right.


It’s Friday, so Dance!: What’s better than a dance sequence in a movie? Almost nothing.



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