Hidden GemsReviews and recommendations for the lesser known gems that deserve to be seen and loved.


Bimonthly Review: Every two months, I’ll review four or five new films or TV shows that I’ve seen and an old film I’ve recently revisited.


In Appreciation: From a supporting role to only one line, the In Appreciation feature will highlight the performance of any actor who is not the lead in a film or TV series.


Reviews & Recommendations: Reviews for films and TV shows, old and new.


I am Jack’sTop 5s/10s, favourite one-liners, best scenes, music moments etc.


Trailer TuesdayTrailer making is an art form in itself but too many of them today either give away too much or show too little that it lacks any interest. Every Tuesday, I’ll upload a trailer, old or new, that got it just right.


It’s Friday, so Dance!What’s better than a dance sequence in a movie? Almost nothing.


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